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  • BLAZE GLASS Bong with Slit Diffuser

    BLAZE GLASS Bong with Slit Diffuser
    CSZ: 2018176
    SÚLY: 0.7860 kg
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      This 'loophole' glass bong from BLAZE GLASS® offers cooled and filtered smoke, after being swirled through the slit diffuser and finding its extraordinary way in the hole labyrinth. As the smoke path is prolonged, the smoke cools down further. The grip as well as the bent mouthpiece enable a comfortable posture when pulling at the bong, the lift-off bowl for herbs can easily be lifted thanks to the flat handle for the final kick. Because of the vertical standard grinding (SG 19) the glass pipe is also excellently suitable for vaporizers with bong adapter. The wall thickness of the borosilicate glass is ca. 5mm and makes the bong very stable while the round food ensures a safe stand.
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    34 000,00 Ft