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  • Black Leaf Silicone Bong Brush

    Black Leaf Silicone Bong Brush
    CSZ: 413400-29
    SÚLY: 0.2690 kg
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      This cleaning brush from Black Leaf is ideal for gentle but intensive cleaning of larger, cylindrical glass bongs without extra things such as percolators, ice cube catchers, etc. Made of silicone, the cleaning lamellae are elastic and scrape off residues and heavy staining thoroughly, comparable to windscreen wipers or a bathroom squeegee. There is no need to worry about scratching the glass. Due to the non-sticky silicone the brush virtually cleans itself and is therefore very durable. Filthy brushes that you just ditch into the trash are a thing of the past. This makes the use of a silicone brush much more sustainable. Simply rinse with hot water after each use and you always have a clean brush at the start.
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    8 500,00 Ft