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  • Black Leaf Octopus Bong Shower Head Perco purple

    Black Leaf Octopus Bong Shower Head Perco purple
    CSZ: 2018113
    SÚLY: 0.8830 kg
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      The robust, handmade percolator bubbler from Black Leaf® has an eye catcher: in the middle of the shower head percolator is an elaborately shaped octopus and watches with very animated appearing eye how the smoke moves from the also very robust herb bowl through the pipe. As there is no kickhole, the bowl is equipped with a flat handle so you can lift it comfortably for the final kick without risking to burn your fingers. The shower head percolator ensures air and water swirls which cool and filter the smoke. The taste is smooth and therefore friendly to the lungs. The pastell-coloured purple of the sweet cephalopod recures in the mouthpiece as well as in the firm base and perfectionates the optic. Those who wonder how to clean this beautiful water pipe without damaging the inside: close the standard grinding with a plug for SG 19, fill in a spoon of a specific bong cleaner like 'Bongmaster' or 'Schmand Weg' and fill up with hot water. Wait about 10 minutes, shake, pour out and rinse with hot water until all remains of the cleaner have been removed - ready!
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