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  • Black Leaf Mini-Bubbler with Showerhead Perco

    Black Leaf Mini-Bubbler with Showerhead Perco
    CSZ: 2018224-25
    SÚLY: 0.2150 kg
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      Handy and cute, these adjectives are the first two that pop into your mind when you see this glass bubbler. But the little bong from Black Leaf® is also a blaze master when it comes to performance, literally... To make the whole thing pleasant, the cute bubbler is equipped with a showerhead percolator. When inhaling, the air and the bong water are vigorously swirled by the percolator. This cools the smoke while filtering it at the same time. ✔️ Percolator for smoke cooling ✔️ Handy and sturdy ✔️ Requires little space on the shop shelf The herb bowl for lifting up has a medium-sized passage. We recommend screens with article number S10, or 440506. The handy bong made of borosilicate glass is also perfect for smoking extracts such as wax and oil. To do this, simply replace the herb bowl with a matching oil banger or oil bowl (SG 14) – and ready is the dab rig!
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