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  • Black Leaf Cactus Pipe green with Crown

    Black Leaf Cactus Pipe green with Crown
    CSZ: 2018112
    SÚLY: 0.8090 kg
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      "My little green cactus is not standing outside on the balcony, hollari, hollari, hollaro! Because my little green cactus, that is a great bong! And if someone evil tells me a lie, then I will get my cactus, and it will make me high, high, high..." Have you ever smoked cactus? With the comical 'Cactus King' bubbler from Black Leaf® it is no problem. The exceptionally desgined water pipe comes with a bowl for delicious herbs. It can be lifted up very easy for the final hit and without the risk of getting burned. The ergonomically curved mouthpiece makes it particularly comfortable to inhale. The spines prick a bit, but on the other hand they also give an anti-slip protection!
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    35 700,00 Ft

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