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  • BL The Skyscraper Ice Bong 4x 8-Arm Tree Perco black

    BL The Skyscraper Ice Bong 4x 8-Arm Tree Perco black
    CSZ: 2618138-36
    SÚLY: 1.5490 kg
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      The 'Skyscraper' - the awesome multilevel bong by Black Leaf® made of the best borosilicate glass offers the highest smoking fun! In addition to the diffuser slits in the chillum, FOUR tree percolators with eight arms each provide cooled and filtered smoke! And ice cubes can be filled into the top chamber, too. Stable 5mm wall thickness protects the inner percolators and makes the cool combi bong of ice and percolators robust. The smoke passes through the numerous chambers on its way to the mouthpiece. In the process, it is violently swirled by the four percolators and passes through the ice chamber in the finale - which not only looks impressive, but also shoots straight into the blood circulation! The Skyscraper is equipped with a lift-off bowl for herbs. This has a large passage, and is simply pulled up during the final hit. The mouthpiece of the bong is pleasantly rounded which makes hitting very comfortable.
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    55 600,00 Ft

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