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  • 'Farm to Vape' Terpenes Pineapple Express

    'Farm to Vape' Terpenes Pineapple Express
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      Terpenes are natural, oily, aromatic and ambrosial compounds that are found in all plants including cannabis. These fragrant flavours ensure the intensive cannabis aroma. Many people are convinced that terpenes have a considering influence on the effect of cannabis. The taste of self-made e-liqids made of herbal extract (very easy with the ‘Farm to Vape‘ thinner method) can be modified with the ‘Strain Profile Terps‘ sets from ‘Farm to Vape‘. This way, e-liquids taste and smell like popular, tasty cannabis types - with only one drop of ‘Farm to Vape‘ terpenes. The 100% natural terpenes from ‘Farm to Vape‘ are won out of certified organic plants. The set contains 2ml terpenes of a cannabis type and a glass bottle with dropper in which to make the aromatisation. It is as simple as that: 1ml/1g of the e-liquid made with ‘Farm to Vape‘ thinner is filled into the blue glass bottle. Add 1 drop of the terpenes. Close the glass bottle well and lay into boiling water. Take out after 3 minutes, let it cool down, shake - done! 'Farm to Vape' terpenes contain NO THC, CBD, PEG, PG, VG or MCT, it contains only 100% natural terpenes.
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