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Russian Roulette Hard Black Coffee

A remarkable feature of this type of ink is that they have corrosion (destructive) effect on painted surface. In consequence painted surface loses its resistance under the influence of ink fast enough. And when you try to remove the tag, the surface is destroyed, it remains clear indelible trail of the tag. When you apply this type of ink on other surface (plastic, metal…), the chances of complete destruction of the tag significantly decrease. The complexity of the ink`s removal has substantially increased because our ink not only left a trail on the surface even after attempts to buff , but also a thick ink`s layer hardens fast during the drying process. In addition to another nice feature of black ink “Hard black coffee” - unobtrusive scent of coffee that you can feel during application the ink to the surface. Coffee flavor replaces the chemical smell, to do your tagging more enjoyable. Besides that, the scent of coffee misinforms all people around the place of tagging. Especially good is the coffee flavor, hiding unpleasant chemical smell, in closed rooms.

Kód: RRHblack

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